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Behavioral Therapy
Detailed assessment of the autistic child's behavior is carried out to determine the unwanted behavior. Afterwards, an action plan is set to modify the wrong behavior of the child to be replaced with the right behavior and apply it to the child.
Verbal Behavior Therapy motivates a child, adolescent or adult to learn language by connecting words with their purposes. The student learns that words can help obtain desired objects or other results.

Verbal Behavior Therapy focuses on four word types. They are:
• Mand. A request. Example: “Cookie,” to ask for a cookie.
• Tact. A comment used to share an experience or draw attention. Example: “airplane” to point out an airplane.
• Intraverbal. A word used to answer a question or otherwise respond. Example: Where do you go to school? “National Elementary.”
• Echoic. A repeated, or echoed, word. Example: "Cookie?" “Cookie!” (Important as the student needs to imitate to learn)