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Sensory Integration Therapy
Many children and adults with autism have challenges in processing sensory information such as movement, touch, smell, sight and sound. Sensory integration (SI) therapy identifies such disruptions and uses a variety of techniques that improve how the brain interprets and integrates this information. Occupational therapy often includes sensory integration. Other times it is delivered as a stand-alone therapy.

Certified occupational and physical therapists provide sensory integration therapy. They begin with an individual evaluation to determine a person’s sensitivities.

Sensory integration therapy is driven by four key principles
1. the child must be able to successfully meet the challenges that are presented through playful activities (Just Right Challenge);
2. the child adapts her behavior with new and useful strategies in response to the challenges presented (Adaptive Response)
3. the child will want to participate because the activities are fun (Active Engagement); and
4. The child's preferences are used to initiate therapeutic experiences within the session (Child Directed).

The specialist can stimulate the senses of the child after being evaluated. The stimulation process includes motivating activities of swinging, movements of spindle and rotary, audio and visual stimuli , activities of playing in the water, sand and mud , sensing the soft and coarse faces, as well as playing in pools of and colorful balls, and Jumping on Altrumblin.

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