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The Speech Therapy
Most autism behavioral intensive therapy programs include speech-language therapy. Speech-language therapy is designed to coordinate the mechanics of speech with the meaning and social use of language. Such a program begins with an individual evaluation by a speech-language pathologist to assess an individual’s verbal aptitudes and challenges.

The speech language pathologist can provide therapy one-on-one, in a small group or in a classroom setting. Therapists who work with children have additional specialized training.

Autism can affect speech, language development, and social communication in many ways. Speech problems. A person with autism may:
? Not talk at all
? Utter grunts, cries, shrieks, or throaty, harsh sounds
? Hum or talk in a musical way
? Babble with word-like sounds
? Use foreign-sounding "words" or robotic-like speech
? Parrot or often repeat what another person says (called echolalia)
? Use the right phrases and sentences, but with an unexpressive tone of voice

Speech therapy techniques might include:
? Electronic "talkers"
? Signing or typing
? Using picture boards with words, known as picture exchange communication systems that start out using pictures instead of words to help a child learn to communicate
? Using sounds to which a person is over- or under-sensitive to expand and compress speech sounds
? Improving articulation of speech by massaging or exercising lips or facial muscles
? Having individuals sing songs composed to match the rhythm, stress, and flow of sentences
Our center focus on different speech programs to take into account the child's abilities to help him cope with problems of expressive language, receptive language, moods, verbal transition, echolalia, substitution, deletion and addition.

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