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Chairman's Message
The establishing of the Specialty Center for Autism and its attached Clinic has come out as a result of our believe in the importance of bearing the social responsibility towards our beloved Country .,while inspired by the vision for the great Builder of the renaissance of Oman His Majesty Sultan Qaboos Bin Said,, who illuminates our path to contribute to the process of developing our beloved Oman .

The of founding this Centre has also been originated when we have realized the necessary of taking care of the large segment of children who are suffering of the spectrum Autism ,as they are undoubtedly part of us and found themselves facing a medical condition . So it is compulsory for us as parents to contribute by the needed efforts in order to provide whatever action can help them to integrate into their community and to push their rehabilitation toward enjoying the normal lives by God willing.
So we will not save any effort in way of utilizing the latest medical devices in the treatment field of the spectrum Autism , as well as using of the best expertise, medical and technical competencies who are working in a team work to look after the recovery of the segment of children .

Mohammed Bin Suleiman AlTaie
The Chairman