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The specialist in medical center prepares a diet which commensurate with the child after evaluating him. This diet helps minimize toxic effect of certain food stuffs detected by test such as Casein and Gluten found in some dairy products and wheat that cause the symptoms of sloth, lethargy or hyperactivity, lack of concentration and attention for the autistic child.

If you are concerned about your child's restricted diet, we suggest you create a food diary.
Sometimes, a food diary can be reassuring - you may in fact see that your child has a better and more stable diet than you originally thought.

Here are some questions that could be used in a food diary.
? What time of the day did my child eat? 11.05am.
? What did they eat? Walkers salt and vinegar crisps.
? Where did they eat? In the living room.
? How much did they eat? Half a bag of crisps.
? Who was there? Mum and brother.
? Were there any environmental factors? The radio was on in the background.

Many parents of autistic children report that their child received repeated or prolonged courses of antibiotic drugs for ear or other respiratory infections during their first year, before the diagnosis of autism. Broad-spectrum antibiotics kill good as well as bad bacteria in the gut, and this may be why autistic children commonly have bowel irregularities.

So if your child has autism, restoring a healthy gut is vital. You can start simply, by supplementing digestive enzymes, and giving probiotics to restore the balance of gut bacteria. Both measures help heal the digestive tract and promote normal absorption, and have produced positive clinical results in autistic children.

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