00968 - 24483454 / 24481899
Center Objectives
  • Providing safe place and therapeutic environment for the rehabilitation of autistic child, including proper staffed accommodation, with all day camera watch in all center and accommodation sectors.
  • Clarify and present detailed explanation of information about autism disorder to be available to those who take care of the autistic child.
  • Diagnosis and evaluation of the child according to the latest standards under the supervision of qualified staff and autism disorder specialist.
  • The direction and guidance of the autistic child family on how to deal with the disorder and how to adapt with it, as well as strengthening its duties towards the child.
  • Providing all therapeutic means to the autistic child, including occupational therapy, speech treatment, behavioral therapy, psychotherapy and academic qualification.
  • Delivering the autistic child to the maximum level of independence.
  • Looking to adapt with all up to date educational tools either in or out classes.

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