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Oxygen Therapy
One therapy that is gaining attention in the autism community is hyperbaric oxygen therapy, or HBOT, a treatment in which a patient breathes pure oxygen in a pressurized chamber. Typically utilized in patients with air embolisms, decompression sickness, or soft tissue infections

The study found that children with autism in the treatment group had significant improvements in overall functioning, receptive language, social interaction, eye contact, and sensory/cognitive awareness compared to children in the non-treatment group. The theory behind using HBOT in people with autism is that the increase in oxygen will reduce excess swelling of brain tissue, increase cerebral blood flow and stimulate cerebral tissue. Hyperbaric oxygen therapy is just one treatment on the list of many that parents are willing to try to improve the life of their child.

The specialist in medical center performs all the necessary examinations and then determines the amount of pressed oxygen-required to be given to the child. Consequently, we increase the watering of ischemic cells and brain by providing the right amount to improve the brain's performance and the extent of its absorption.